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6 Effective Ways To Find A Job | Start Employment

6 Effective Ways To Find A Job

Majority of job seekers reading this blog would either have left a job, or are gearing up for their first one. However, with such a massive competition, and recession stuck economies this is a challengeable task. Freshers directly face competition from the experienced ones, while on the other side, companies avoid people who have been fired. However, there are some aspects which on improvement give you strong advantage over others.
You should start by uploading or updating your resume on your LinkedIn profile. You need to highlight points, which make you different from others and will be beneficial to the company. These points can either be your communication skills, or your projects which can be beneficial to the company.

Positive Thinking

6 Ways to Find a Job

Consult your Network– Everyone has their own set of friends and relatives. Similarly, people you know too have their own network. There are jobs in people mind, but it does not strike to them, that you need it. Initially, you need to create the list of people, who would be ready to help you. Start contacting people in a set of three, and convey your situation. You can also meet them through movie or lunch. Alternatively, you can select most influential people of your group, and take steps to improve relationship with them.

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Interact with Alumni– You need to have interaction with people, who have similar background like you. Additionally, they have done similar projects like yours or have similar hobby. There is a bigger advantage, if they have done schooling with you. You should contact alumni in your region, and increase meeting with them. You can find your alumni through Facebook, or LinkedIn. However, you need to make sure that they are from your industry, as it will help you to get job in the desired field. You need to make a target of adding three alumni to your network every week.

Attend all major events– This also include events organized by professional companies, and charitable organizations. You need to meet people, whom you have never met before. Alternatively, if you have information of attendees attending the event; you can select influential people, and try to introduce yourself to them. However, you need to make sure that you don’t appear to be forcing on them. Alternatively, this will screw your chances.


Use LinkedIn to Get the Maximum Exposure– Majority of people across the globe are taking advantage of LinkedIn to get desired job. You just need to search your job, qualifications, alumni, school, college, or people who interests you. If you are from IT industry; you need to connect with all IT managers and team lead to get maximum exposure. This is more of a challenge, and you can generate motivation for yourself by setting the right goal.

How You Can Find a Job with LinkedInn

Monitor the Job Board– Majority of companies and recruiters across the globe would use LinkedIn to find the right candidate for their organization. You need to find the right job boards, and upload your resume there. You need to think a catchy title that immediately grab the recruiter’s attention, and highlight your skillset. If your title is attractive, reader will be entitled to open your attachment. Majority of the job portals would highlight the date, when your resume was last updated. Hence, it is in individual best interest to update the resume regularly.

12141716_f520Contact Headhunters– There are several executives job, which are offered only through recommendation or headhunters. There are some jobs that are known only to the headhunters.
Lastly, the trend in the market is changing, and you need to stay updated to find the right job.

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