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27 Creative Ways To Help You Save Money and Grow Your Savings | Start Employment

27 Creative Ways To Help You Save Money and Grow Your Savings

Saving money can be difficult. Sometimes it may feel like you don’t know where the money is going to come from. Cutting back on a few extra things is the easy solution, but where to start? We have put together 30 quick ways that most people can stand to cut back when it is time to save on spending.

  1. Recycle bottles and cans.
  2. Eat breakfast at home and pack lunch to take to work with you or to send the kids to school with.
  3. Instead of driving alone, join a carpool.
  4. Buy used when you can.

  5. Make your own cleaning products, there are great recipes online for laundry detergent, dishwashing soap, furniture polish, etc.
  6. Use your plastic grocery bags to line wastepaper baskets and trash cans instead of buying bags.
  7. Use a clothes line or rack to dry clothes instead of using the dryer.
  8. Turn down the heat or the ac and unplug electronics.
  9. Cook from scratch in large batches. Scratch ingredients cost less than processed, convenience foods. Make your efforts go farther by freezing some of the food for later.
  10. Have your morning coffee at home instead of buying it outside.
  11. Buy store brand items instead of name brand.
  12. Pack snacks and drinks for a road trip to avoid costly convenience store items.
  13.  Make a shopping list and stick to it.

  14. Host a potluck dinner with friends
  15. Use frozen veggies. While fresh veggies are great—especially in season—frozen is almost as good, and won’t go bad. Wasted fresh foods are money down the drain.
  16. When you grocery shop, stick to sale items and use coupons.
  17. If you have multiple credit cards, call the companies and ask if they can lower your interest rate.
  18. Turn off the lights when you leave the room, especially if you’re going to be gone for an hour or longer. A quick trip through the house before you leave for work can take dollars off your electric bill.
  19. Switch to energy efficient light bulbs.

  20. Unplug chargers for phones and other electronics when not in use. Even when the device is not connected to the cord, it’s still drawing a small amount of energy when left in the socket.
  21. Invest in a water filter and stop buying bottled water.
  22. Track your spending for a month, and use that information to make a budget for the following month. Set limits for areas where you’re tempted to over-spend and stick to them.
  23. If you only use your cell phone, get rid of your landline phone.
  24. Reevaluate your paid subscriptions

    Think about all of the stuff you pay for on a monthly basis. It could be a premium membership for a website or service. Do you need to pay for Pandora every month? Is Hulu Plus mission critical for your life? What about magazines, newspapers, wine clubs, or activities for your kids? Many subscriptions are automatic and you might not even realize you are still paying for services you don’t use.

  25. Don’t buy books or ebooks, go to the library or look for free ebooks online.
  26. Stop seeing movies in the theater, subscribe to Netflix and eat snacks at home on movie night.

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